Tuesday, April 1, 2014

What We Do After School....

We had a great time at Muscota New School this year doing our FREE After School Dance Program.

The Parents Association was an essential part of our success... thanks to Laura McCluskey for all her hard work in getting students signed up and communicating with the parents and school officials!

We also need to thank Cristobal Vivar for his assistance with our video (if you need a photographer or videographer for an occasion, Cris is fanstastic! www.vivarphoto.com)

We hope to be back next year for more.
See the video https://vimeo.com/90648010

with audio1-HD 720p
with audio1-HD 720p

Friday, March 14, 2014

Composing Dances of Everyday Life

I had a blast working with adults at the JCC last Saturday night on composing dances through improvisation using everyday movements.

It is wonderful to work with a group that is so well educated about visual art - everyone was very quick to apply the ideas of art composition to dance composition. This is part of the joy of living in NYC - so many people understand and appreciate the ideas of art and are willing to open their minds to seeing dance in new ways.

This class continues through March 31 and is FREE!
Come join us!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Update on Scholarship for Dancers of Color

We are ready to begin our next winter workshop - the dancers' approach to low flying trapeze. This is a multi-level class with a wide variety of folks. This diversity makes the class interesting because it is taught from an improvisational point of view and each individual class member brings something to the work.

This upcoming workshop will allow 3 of our scholarship students to continue to study with us in the coming months.

We are so happy to have:

Randall Anthony Smith
Adam Christian
Ashley Brown
for another 8 weeks!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Thanks to you our programs are still flying!

Thanks to 30 generous donors on our Indiegogo campaign we were able to raise almost $2,300 towards our programs -
namely our FREE after school program at Muscota New School and our Scholarship Fund for Dancers of Color.

In addition, other funders made donations via website or checks in the mail raising our total to $3,316!

You can see all that we do and the full results of the campaign on the Indiegogo page:

Anyone who missed our Indiegogo deadline can donate anytime on our website

Photo above by Vivarphoto.com
FBN Dancer Kirstin Dahmer

Monday, January 13, 2014

Great Group for 2014 Scholarship Class Audition

We had a wonderful group of dancers who showed up for our annual Scholarship Audition class.

Thank you to the volunteers who assisted with the workshop:
Kirstin Dahmer, Wendy Chu, Andrew Quinn and Jennifer Myers!

Here's a group shot of those who took the audition class:

Fly-by-Night's scholarship program allows dancers of color to experience our dancers' approach to aerial dance. A small group of students are accepted into our 3-class workshop and from that group a few are selected to continue to study with us through the spring. If the fit is right for both the student and the company, the student continues to study with us through the year.

Five students were chosen to take our 3-class workshop on scholarship and many were offered a discount to the workshop as well.

This is what the scholarship recipients had to say upon hearing the news:

"So great to hear from you! I am happy to accept this offer!
I will see you on Sunday at 4:15pm!"

"I would love to attend the workshop.  I enjoyed very much, and look forward to practicing a gain.
Thank you"

"I would love to come to the 3-class workshop.  I was completely overjoyed yesterday by the class and process of learning.  I cannot wait to return.  I actually practiced on different leveled bars in a workout part near my home.  Yes,  a little goes a long way ."

"I am so excited to participate in this workshop!!!!  I've have been wanting to get into some aerial dance training!  I can't wait to see you Sunday!!
Thank you for this opportunity!!"

"YES I graciously accept the scholarship and I look for to seeing you Sunday!"

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Passages Photos

Passages was our biggest artistic success and we want to share it with you!
Here are a few wonderful shots from our dress rehearsal.
All photos are by Fred Hatt.
Janet Aisawa is suspended (above) through the weight of Kirstin Dahmer and Julie Luwick while musicians Joe Tucker, Ken Pierson and Jim Seeley accompany them.

Special Guest Robert Davidson (above) is suspended as a film of himself floating plays behind him

Kirstin Dahmer partners with Michael Fulvio (above)

 Janet Aisawa, Julie Ludwick and Kirstin Dahmer create a web midair

Funeral procession with entire cast
Kirstin Dahmer, Rachel Duvall, Janet Aisawa, Julie Ludwick and Tamara Figuerora
(clockwise from left)
Janet Aisawa and Tamara Figuerora as mother and daughter
Rachel Duvall and Tamara Figuerora in a suspended duet
as Janet Aisawa observes from the background

Friday, November 22, 2013

Passages: Questions To Consider

Passages allowed us to explore feelings and perceptions about death and dying. Everyone involved in the project dedicated themselves to this exploration; it's an important topic to reflect on.

During rehearsals we discussed stereotypical ideas of death (evil, darkness, pain) as well as more subtle ones (When is death a blessing? Are there times when death seems inviting?).

Young people who attend our show will benefit from a discussion about this dense topic.
To help grease the wheels for this we have come up with a list of questions.

It's helpful to start by reviewing the cast in the show:

Dying Elder
3 siblings: Older, Middle, Younger
2 Grandchildren: boy (film only) and girl (performance and film)
The Guide
3 Street Musicians

1. Review the cast of characters above. How are these characters related?

2. Who do you think "The Guide" is? What other names might you give this character?

3. What type of relationship do you think the "Dying Elder" and "The Guide" have? Imagine a scene in which these two characters have a conversation. What do they discuss?

4. How do you think the other characters would feel about "The Guide"? Do they all feel the same way about "The Guide" or do you think they have different views?

Remember there are no "wrong" or "right" answers to these questions. Many people will interpret our story in different ways. 

After the show:
Consider how you saw the story and compare it to another person's view of the story. 
What things do you see differently and what things do you see the same?