Thursday, May 13, 2010

Summarizing the Parts

We explored so many things throughout this after-school program that it's a challenge to wrap it all up in one lesson! But that's what we did today.

Next week is our demonstration class for friends and families. 

You should arrive at 3:00 if your child is in Kindergarten and at 4:00 if your child is in first grade.  

In every lesson each student has to come to a place of focus and this is not an easy task for five and six, seven year olds--especially at the end of a long day of school. The students have been stretched and they have stretched themselves. They've become architects of movement and gained physical and verbal vocabularies that allow them to explore and express their world.

Dance is painting the space of the stage with your movements in the air and on the floor. You can paint the space with different parts of the body, using different levels, with different speeds, and in descriptive ways. Once you paint the space you can draw the dance. And then you can dance the drawing

Find three different pieces of music (different genres, different speeds, high and low energy).
Play each piece of music and draw or paint while listening to the music.
Then play each piece of music again and dance to the music.
Pick your favorite piece of music and dance to it while someone draws your dance. Have fun!

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