Saturday, October 26, 2019

Company as Community

What's With The Producing?

Recently my son asked me why I continue to produce shows. I know why he asked; from his perspective it is just a whole lot of work. He sees me working late at night and planning classes for the company on the weekends. He looks in my closet which is half full of costumes and rigging and wonders, "WHY?"

What he doesn't see is what happens in the studio during classes or rehearsals and the bonding that dancers create when working together. This is especially true when working somatically.

The Skinner Releasing Technique that is integrated into our aerial work provides opportunities for letting go and feeling one is part of a community with an unstated goal of becoming one's best self.

Yes, we have goals to be better dancers technically but, along the way, we might also feel we are changing within. When we let go of tension, we become more open minded. When we partner on a trapeze together, we find ways of both sensing and working together. In these activities our antennae go beyond ourselves and we become aware of others in the world.

The process of doing a show is all about building community.

When I am preparing a company for a concert, what is most important is that our goals blend so working together is both more efficient and enjoyable. By the time we are ready to perform, we not only know the dances, we also know one another and our responsibilities are shared.

Dancers say things like,

Yes, I'll tie up the trapeze after I'm done performing.
Sure, I'll help with that costume.
or simply
Does anyone need anything?

And our audiences can sense this and recognize that these endeavors are more meaningful that simply getting ourselves onstage.

And, yes, we trust our audiences will find meaning in the dances and our performances. But we also hope audiences believe in our entire process as a way to quietly influence the world into coming together.

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