Sunday, May 18, 2008

filming from our point of view

In preparation for the Amelia Project we did some filming yesterday. The idea was to give the audience a sense of what we see as we are flying around upside down, sideways, with someone above or below us. First we had one dancer (Kristin) hold the camera and film the floor, ceiling, and herself while spinning. The result could make those with weak stomachs a little woozy feeling. It showed us how fast we are actually moving. Next we put Janet at the highest point on the ropes to film Kristin below her. This had its obvious difficulties; holding on and finding the flying body through a view finder while spinning around 15 feet in the air, with your injured foot stuck in a tight rope. But nonetheless some interesting shots came out of it and Janet is still alive and well. Although she will not be admitted to the camera guild. The next stunt we tried was attaching the camera to some pipes on the ceiling. This really produces some interesting visuals. We put the camera directly below us, then had Fred the camera man below us following us as we jumped over him. We were trying to find view points that the audience would never see. Sometimes the resulting image didn't much resemble a human body and could have been a part of some psycodelic art show. I am interested to see how Fred puts this all together. Come see the Amelia project and you too can see what we've been up to.

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