Sunday, May 25, 2008

Piecing it all together....

This week we saw some of the video that we have been filming and started the task of putting it all together. The start of this project was difficult, where to start, what pieces of the film were not quite right. And more importantly what was going to be distracting to the movement that was going on on the stage. We are all learning with multimedia performances that we can't have one thing take away from another. Now that we have a trapeze, 6 dancers, and a film. How do we make it one coherent, cohesive piece? We tried a bunch of different things, mostly working with the flights in the first section of the piece, which meant doing them over and over until we found something that worked. It's coming together bit by bit and we're working on keeping up strength for the movement and then working in the last part (film) for our final piece.

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