Wednesday, April 8, 2009

putting in some studio time

Rehearsals have been jam packed for the past few months. We've been busy resetting a work that Julie originally choreographed in 2004, called "I Can't Not." We pulled this piece out of the archives and dusted it up to perform as a part of the White Wave Festival back in February, but since then we've added a new dancer to the company (more on her soon!) so there's lots of work to do, incorporating her into the choreography. Julie is the type of choreographer who never misses as opportunity to tweak her work---she continually strives to refine the textures of her choreography. With "I Can't Not," that means whole new trapeze sequences and altered floor dancing. We'll be performing the newest version at our upcoming Aerial Dance Festival on May 9th.

Right now our company is rehearsing one or two times a week for four hour time periods. When we're not working on "I Can't Not" we are working, always, on basic strength building and on creating two new dances to be premiered this fall. We'll have a big anniversary celebration then: Fly by Night is turning ten! We'll be letting sneak previews of these works slip in the coming weeks, so keep checking back for more on that.

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