Monday, April 13, 2009

This Year's Festival Performers

Announcing this year's 2009 NYC Aerial Dance Festival performers! We're really pleased with the line-up this year. We received such a solid batch of submissions, and it was very exciting to be reminded how the field is thriving. This year's festival is a nice mix of returning and newly presented guest aerial artists. The show will include works on cloud swing, corde lisse, fabric, single point-trapeze and circus (2-point) trapeze.Here's a little bit about the artists:

Aerialist Anna Vigeland creates a world of mixed emotion on the cloudswing as her inner musings are portrayed through turns, drops, and spins.

Fly-by-Night will present I Can't Not. This work for three women on single-point trapeze takes the dancers' irresistible impulses from floor to ceiling in unexpected moves based on a single phrase.

Helium Aerial Dance
/ Heather Hammond is featured in Soon September, a 2-point circus trapeze solo that takes modern dance gestures into the air and upside down in one woman's journey through her day.

Kristin Geneve Young experiments with speed, strength, and momentum on the corde lisse in three times. Sudden drops and vertical hangs put an intense edge on this sparse piece.

MOTH Aerial Dance
/ Deena Frank and Aimee Hancock will present De Anima, a sexy, haunting, and otherwise enchanting trapeze duet inspired by stories of the soul in departure.

Nathan Dryden will be featured in Reach, a trapeze-dance solo that explores motivations within the universal action of reaching.

Sara Joel will premiere Surface performing in, on, and around a transparent Plexiglas sphere. The work captures Joel mid-pregnancy; the apparatus symbolizes her womb while the movement captures the essence of the life within her.

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