Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dancer Profilel #3 - Beth Disharoon

When she was attending Juilliard, Beth collected stories and pictures of aerial dance, but never dreamed it was something she could do.  Her first experience in the trapeze was helping a pregnant Julie to restage a piece for the Perry-Mansfield workshop in Colorado in 2003 - a whirlwind experience for someone with no experience in the air!  Six years later, Beth was thrilled to return to the trapeze for Fly-by-Night's 10th Anniversary Performances in September 2009.  

Originally from Baltimore, MD, Beth currently lives in Brooklyn, where she is learning to grow flowers in the yard and vegetables in pots.  In her spare time, she enjoys doing jigsaw puzzles, experimenting in the kitchen, traveling with her wonderful husband, and eating ice cream, lots of ice cream.

During her 12 years in NYC Beth has worked in many companies and styles of dance.  Currently, she's a senior member of Jennifer Muller/The Works and Lori Belilove & Company, and a beginner at Fly-by-Night.  She also works mornings as a part-time research analyst at an investment firm.  So, her days are happily split between the two extremes of right and left-brain activity. 

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