Thursday, April 22, 2010

Pathways into Imagery

Today in dance class we expanded on the theme of dancing in one spot and dancing while traveling. We re-explored pathways in the air while dancing in one spot and pathways on the floor while traveling to a new spot. We also practiced clear beginnings and endings. The students were able to perform these tasks with much more clarity and showed interest in watching one another to see how their fellow classmates accomplished the task in their own unique ways.

We exercised our imaginations using the images of prancing like a horse (on a straight path), scurrying like a mouse (in a zig-zag path), slithering like a snake (in an S-path), moving our eagle's wings up and down (on a vertical path), and lying still like a seastar (in a star shape).
The students are beginning to understand that they can travel on the stage in vertical, horizontal, and diagonal paths. We practiced going from corner to corner on diagonal paths with the following steps: prances, side chasse, and skipping. The students finished their diagonal traveling with interesting shapes, both high and low.

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