Thursday, May 6, 2010

Review and Record

We recapped material from most of our lessons in preparation for our last class on May 20th. The review included shapes at different levels, dancing in place versus traveling, using descriptive themes, crossing the circle while changing levels, and sequencing and counting in three-part dances (traveling for eight counts, dancing in place for eight counts, and holding a shape for eight counts).

Something new this week was drawing our three-part movement sequences. We divided our paper into three sections with lines, and as we watched our partner dance their three-part dance we recorded what we saw with our crayons. First we drew our partners floor path (while they were traveling), then the shapes and paths they made in the air (while dancing in one place), and finally their shapes (while they held still).
Jenny (in picture at left) has two zig-zags with her arms and and X with her legs - a very interesting shape!

The first-grade class also had time to take a long look at a picture by the painter Kandinsky. They divided into small groups (Julie's group and Kristin's group) and applied their new-found vocabulary to describe the shapes, paths, and images they saw in the painting. Each group then came up with a sequence dance based on their observations of the painting.

Julie's group came up with:
1. beginning in the shape of crane's beak
2. making squiggles in one spot
3. taking an arcing floor path in their last squiggle shape
4. ending with a see-saw dance in one spot.
Kristin's group came up with:
1. making dotting movements while traveling on an arc pathway
2. slashing X-es in one spot
3. taking a zig-zag floor path in their last X shape
We will build on both of these dances in our next class.

1. Take an S-path on your way to brush your teeth!
2. Take a zig-zag path down the stairs.
3. Practice going high and low down the hallway.
4. Create interesting shapes and hold them without falling or wiggling.

The first-graders can explore their sequence dance ideas.
The kindergarten class can continue to explore dancing in one spot and then dancing while traveling to a new spot. If they take turns with someone else while doing this, they can draw what they see.

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