Thursday, November 8, 2012

Whose dancing with FBN?

One of the fearless founders

Janet Aisawa has been with Fly-by-Night since it's inception.
She is the backbone of the repertory as well as our technique.
I've never done a work without her (and I hope I never have to!)

 In addition to her dancing Janet also has a successful practice doing Shiatsu  and Cranial Sacral work. Her meditative approach with her clients is not unlike her meditations in Aerial Dance class.

 Her strength per pound ratio is incredible and her lightness of being never ceases to amaze us.

 Janet is directing a show this weekend, November 10 & 11 at the Construction Company, 10 E. 18th St, NY, NY
For full info see:

The photo at left (by Fred Hatt) shows Janet in her last stage role with us as Cupid in our Apollo & Dafne Opera.

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