Sunday, November 3, 2013

"Passages" Process

It is often a harrowing experience to try the first run through of a new work - the dance sections may not all be completely finished and/or the music isn't done or, (in our case), the theater scenes aren't yet staged and nobody aside from the director really knows what is supposed to happen next. So I warned the cast that our run-through on Saturday would be a "rough draft" with emphasis on rough.

There is excitement at this stage though - as the pieces come together everyone can see (for the first time!) that we have, finally, created something.

Here is Ken Pierson at work (live music for the first time!)
Notice the ubiquitous coffee cup - a lifeline for any musician who has to show up for an early morning rehearsal.

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And here are shots with Kirstin, Janet and I in the section that has been our nemesis (one more rehearsal and we will have this baby down!)
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Notice the extra layers under our costumes...
This wonderfully big rehearsal space allows us to fly freely but I wouldn't exactly call it "heated" - it is colder inside than out!
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So we are on our way - we have a show and 3 weeks to go to perfect it.

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