Monday, November 18, 2013

What I was thinking...

At this point in producing one's own show it becomes pretty apparent that self-producing is insane.
The number of jobs one takes on is exhausting....
  • grant writer
  • office girl
  • grunt worker (who carries all that rigging?)
  • and the list goes on...
Around this time the questions pop up:
  •  "What was I thinking when I started this show?" 
  • "Why did I think I could put all these different aerial apparatus together with a film and theater scenes and make a whole evening?"
  • "Why would anyone choose to do this?"
Then I remember the steps that led me here...
  • losing my parents and sharing their hospice care with my siblings
  • looking at the next generation (my son and his friends and my young students)
  • feeling the big shift that occurs when one generation goes and another rises
  • with my parents gone so was the buffer between me and mortality; for the first time I began to feel death whispering my name and I wanted to explore that
And I remember how I made it through...
  • persevering with artists that stay for the long haul of taking risks
  • seeing an end result that brings us all together
  • watching a dancer fly

So here we go - another leap of faith that making art makes sense.
Come see the show (and let me know)
Is it worth it?

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