Monday, March 9, 2015

New ways to explore in aerial class

I started taking photos during class last fall and it has helped me take my classes in new directions.

When I look at the photos a few days after taking them I notice what is (or is not) going on.

For instance in one class last fall I noticed that the dancers all had completely straight spines. Although a straight spine can be a sign of great technique, if the spine is always straight we limit our movement vocabulary.

I found some great solutions for this right away through Robert Davidson (so many gifts are shared through Skinner Releasing!) But then I began to try other things as well.

This week I left the spine out entirely and focused on spiraling the limbs. We tried it first on the floor, during partner graphics and our warm up, then with graphics in the trapeze and finally, with ascending and descending dances.

The pictures below show some amazing progress....

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