Friday, July 24, 2015

Somatic Conference at Dean College Rejuvenates and Celebrates

First of all - THANK YOU!

To all those that were able to donate to our Indiegogo campaign so that our presentation and performance at Dean College was fully funded.

Our original plan for the conference was simply to present our Somatic Approach to Aerial Dance. However, once our presentation proposal was accepted, we were also invited to perform.  The performance aspect of the conference caused our budget needs to grow. Luckily Janet (the great and most powerful of Fly-by-Night dancers), agreed to open up her schedule for the performance, and Joe Tucker (percussionist) was available as well. Thus, with the combination of the performers and your support, we were able to share two different aspects of what Fly-by-Night does at the conference.

Both the presentation and performance were well received. We look forward to working with our new-found colleagues to find ways to share our work with other populations.

Exceeding Expectations

The conference offered a multitude of ways to be inspired. I was able to take workshops with other teachers who believe in the importance of working/moving/dancing from a somatic point of view. There were also performances by many of the conference attendees. Lastly, it was rejuvenating to have time to socialize with colleagues who believe in the importance of bringing the whole self to our dancing.

It was also a treat for me to reconnect with William (Bill) Evans, who produced the conference, and Peggy Hackney, a keynote speaker, because I began my somatic journey with them more than 30 years ago in Seattle.

Hearing William, Peggy, (and also Martha Eddy, another keynote speaker) discuss and present their thorough understanding and deep belief in their somatic approaches reminded us all that this type of work is an important aspect to dance training.

It renewed my confidence in my own knowledge and inspired me to find ways to "sneak it in" (Martha Eddy's phrase) no matter who, what, when, or where I am teaching.

I look forward to the coming year of teaching, sharing, and learning within my community. I hope to see many of you there!

Peggy Hackney and William (Bill) Evans
at the keynote dinner at Dean College.

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