Sunday, December 6, 2015

Fall Repertory Workshop - By Chance

This fall we have been busy teaching "By Chance" - a quintet that incorporates chance into set Aerial Dance choreography.

We last performed this piece in 2004 so we really had to dig into our memory banks to get it right.

It is such a challenging piece and a few students decided they really wanted to sink their teeth more deeply into it so we have extended the workshop so they can get in a few rehearsals. 

In the picture at left is student Wendy Chu doing section 1.

It is wonderful to revisit old repertory and bring it to life again. It also gives the students a push to go the extra mile.

Janet (pictured below) attended many of the workshop classes and added great comments for everyone.

Because Janet performed the dance for three different seasons, she was able to add insights and technical ideas to help make it easier. Her clarity in the picture above really captures the spirit of the dance.

Below -
Wendy Chu and Patrice Fyffe explore finding shapes that are moved to quickly in one count and held for 7 counts. The test for a good shape is this: if the trapeze is taken away, the person holding it would fall down.

It was really fun to have Kristin Hatleberg back in class this fall -
in the pictures below everything is a blur except her smile!

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