Thursday, January 19, 2017

Compliment Day for Students

Student Compliments - We find you AMAZING

If you have taken a class with us, or been in the company, chances are we have a record of it.
So we put together a list of compliments for as many folks as possible. Find your compliment below...

The list is alphabetical by first name.
please forgive if we missed you - some electronic records have been corrupted/lost

Thank you for what you do.... Come back any time
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You Are Amazing Because...
Adam Christian
Adam is a born aerialist and integrates his years of dance training to his aerial work with great artistry.
Alicia Stewart
Alicia is a wonderful mover who brings her curiosity about life to whatever she does.
Alissa Kaplan
Alissa is one of those dancers who has skills in a dozen other areas (jewelry making, costuming, rigging, photography – the list goes on and on!). All of this expertise adds to her understanding when she is creating designs in space with her body.
Andrew Chung
Andrew has the ability to surrender himself to a movement task which gives him a powerful performance presence.
Andrew Quinn
Andrew has in incredible imagination and this, along with his athleticism enables him to immerse himself completely in imagery work. No matter how long his absence from class is, he is always 100% there on return.
AnnaMarie Gero
Watching AnnaMarie in a trapeze is like coming upon an animal in her natural habitat. She is strong, limber and always breathing.
Ashley Brown
Ashley brings an honesty to everything she does and this is evident in her dancing.
Ashni Sundu
Ashni is one of the most enthusiastic people I know - a key to ability to grow as an artistic person.
Bailey Bretz
Bailey moves with lyrical grace and natural athleticism and blends this with her improvisation very well.
Bil Roedel
Bill took class for a long time and consistently brought his amazingly cheerful self into the room. Always open to improvisation, Bil is also very self aware and knows how to bring himself back to earth.
Damien Taylor
Damien is rooted in his body from head to toe – you could not find a more solid person to give your weight to.
Edwardo Brito
Edwardo is a natural in the air and has an inherent artistic understanding of the beauty of simple movements.
Eileen Little
Eileen was always able to blend her acting and dancing ability for full expressive aerial potential.
Elizabeth Munn
Elizabeth Munn has a natural grace that she brought to her aerial work and a keen understanding of how to integrate her singing persona to the air.
Emily Purchia
Emily is another natural when it comes to aerial work and she brought incredible strength to the work from the start because she understood how to move with efficiency so well.
Elizabeth Disharoon
Elizabeth is an incredibly clear performer and she brought this clarity to everything she did in the trapeze.
Eric Smith
Eric is a natural mover with great creative potential.
Ernesto Mancebo
Ernesto Macebo is a wonderful performer that weaves together dancing and acting with great artistry.
Gretchen Mergenthaler
Gretchen is fearless and endlessly curious so she is always open to learning something new. This allows her to pick up skills quickly and also makes her really fun to have in a class.
Jane Mielo
Jane has a great ability to continue to breath no matter what she is doing – it gives her grace and makes her easy to watch while she is dancing.
Janet Aisawa
Janet is able to bring SRT with her into everything she does and it is the secret to her longevity as a dancer. It also part of what makes her the wisest person in the room.
Jennifer Myers
Jennifer understands process in a very deep way. This allows her to continually grow as a mover and a person.
Jennifer Tantia
Jennifer has made embodiement her life's work and it shows in her every move.
Jessica Athens
Jessica has great kinesthetic awareness and this makes her both an intelligent mover and a good improviser.
Jessica Krueger
Jessica is a wonderful mover who integrated expression in her aerial work from the first day.
Jody Oberfelder
Jody took one of my classes many years ago and, of course, displayed her amazing strength and expressiveness immediately. How could such a talented person not rise to this occasion?
Jody Sperling
Jody immediately understood the expressive potential of aerial work and was able to create moving and humorous dances quickly.
John Andrejack
John has incredible strength and and natural athleticism but is also very much aware of how to be mindful as he moves. And he always takes his heart with him.
Julie Betts
Julie is an amazing gymnast with terrific strength and very quick at learning and remembering movement.
Kate Grehl
Kate incorporates her years of classical training to the trapeze and works with great intelligence – another aerial natural.
Kevin Urban
Kevin was another athlete who was great at improvising.
Kirstin Dahmer
Not only does she learn physical things quickly, she also understands how to transfer her efficient way of moving from one type of dancing to another with ease. One smart dancer!
Kristin Hatleberg
Kristin was good at aerial work from the moment her hands were on the bar. She is willing to try new things out any time and always brings her questioning intellect along for the ride.
Kyla Ranney
Kyla has incredible strength and a keen perception of what a subtle shift in alignment can bring to her artistry.
Margaret Peeler
Margaret has incredible kinesthetic smarts and an uncanny ability to work efficiently and steadily. She stays completely centered and always knows her limits.

Marissa Nielsen Pincus

Marissa fiercely took on the challenge of aerial work and became very strong. Her liquid movement vocabulary made her seem as if she was pouring herself through the air.
Maryam Washington
Maryam is a fantastic mover who brings her whole self to her aerial work so that her presence is deeply felt.
Michael Fulvio
Michael is one of the hardest working actors in showbiz. He is also always helpful and mindful those he works around.
Olga El
Olga is fun to watch because she is always following a creative thread.
Patrice Fyffe
Patrice is one of the most courageous people I know. She is not afraid to try things that are new and she never gives up.
Rachel Duvall
Rachel is a lyrical mover with a quiet presence that is both beautiful and calming to observe.
Randall Anthony Smith
Randall brings enthusiasm and curiosity to everything he does and this helps him learn quickly. He is also a generous, community-minded dancer.
Sharon Connelly
Sharon is one of the most focused people I have ever encountered. This allows her to return to class and be “in” the work despite her long hours spent working as a lawyer.
Shawn Fisher
Shawn is a performer that draws your eye wherever she is in the room – she emanates athleticism and talent.
Summer Baldwin
Summer is like a flower that blooms more fully with each year she dances.
Sylvia Rhyne
Sylvia is a natural performer and a lyrical mover that brings incredible lightness to her dancing.
Taylor Kindred
Taylor is a natural in the air – he brings an athletic grace to his dancing.
Tee'Ada David
Tee'-Ada is a natural, strong gymnast and she took to the trapeze like a fish would to water.
Tomoko Roberts
Tomoko was incredibly strong right away with aerial and learned quickly to apply her dancing technique to dancing through transitions.
Wendy Chu
Wendy bring her classical training to her aerial dancing and is incredible elegant in the trapeze. She continues to expand her improvisational abilities and to blend them with her technique.
Yuka Kawazu
Yuka always pushes herself to grow as an artist. She also never fails to bring a smile to class.
Yukari Osaka
Yukari is a natural improviser and partner and she brings creative ideas to all of her dancing.

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