Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pie in the sky

The day has finally come, trapeze-dance gets its chance to shine! Aerial dance has been gaining popularity as an art form for the past decade or so, maybe longer, and most Americans are familiar with it through mass media coverage of companies like Cirque du Soleil and Project Bandaloop. But most of America's population has yet to be exposed to trapeze-dance. (When I tell people I do trapeze work, I often hear as a response, "Oh, like in Cirque du Soleil?") Now, with TimeOutNY's help, people can try it all out for themselves!

TimeOut Magazine has written up a comprehensive review of the best places to go in New York City for different types of aerial training. Aerial dance includes all apparatus (silks, cord lisse, trapeze, hoop, harness, you name it) and has become mainstream enough that some Crunch gyms even offer--what else?--aerial yoga classes.

I would call trapeze-dance a subset of the aerial dance genre. The biggest thing that sets trapeze-dance into its own category is its focus on transition. In our work we are constantly transitioning from dancing on the ground to dancing in the air, and the work is inherently focused on the blending of these two states.

Guess whose classes were included in the review? You got it---ours. We're happy that trapeze-dance was acknowledged and we're thrilled that our classes got a shout out. What we do is pretty unique---but you don't need to hear it from me, hear it from TimeOut! Then come join us in the studio.

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