Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ready Set BID!

Fly by Night's annual auction is up and the bidding has begun! The deals run the gamut, as you'll see once you click here. On the auction block we've got: Private sessions in shiatsu, facial rejuvenation, yoga, craniosacral, thai massage, acupuncture. Designer purses. Books. Tickets to Roundabout Theatre. Bike helmets. DVDs. Life coaching. Trapeze instruction. You name it. Whew.

We hold this auction every year as a fundraising event for our company. All of the items on auction have been donated by friends and colleagues who support the work of Fly by Night and who wish to see us soar. We are humbled by the amount of talent, generosity, and faith that is offered in support of our work. Please, take advantage of the wonderful gifts we're able to offer as our thank you for your support of us. Isn't it wonderful to find formats that allow us all to benefit? Hooray! Now, go browse.

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