Thursday, August 18, 2011

NYC Aerial Dance Festival 2011

Announcing this year's festival participants! The festival has expanded to include two venues, offering shows in both Queens and Manhattan. This year's festival brings together aerial artists from all corners of the country. The show will include works on cloud swing, bungee, single-point trapeze, and harness. Here's a rundown on this year's featured artists:

Fly-by-Night will present the mythical story of Apollo and Dafne with opera music by Handel, choreographed by Artistic Director Julie Ludwick. The main characters and their modern doppelgangers will reflect the sexual politics of our time through consensual and exploitative duets. 
This project was developed partially through LPAC Lab Grant.

Cherie Carson, Artistic Director of Upswing Performance Company with dancers Ashley Foster and Kiran Haithcox, will perform Inside the Circle, a mesmerizing harness duet of choreographic simplicity.

Craig Whitehouse and Megan Cattau will perform a trapeze duet that exemplifies the beauty and skill of aerial partnering.

Heather Hammond (of Heliumm Aerial Dance) and Sarah Wollschlager (of will present a quirky duet explores the (unfounded) stories we make up about others.

Chriselle Tidrick from Above and Beyond Dance silk solo, Absentia, follows a woman's experience of loss and longing that results in the discovery of her inner strength.

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  1. UpSwing Aerial Dance is very excited to participate this year. “Inside the Circle” is a dynamic dance with two dancers pushing the limits of what they can do inside a circle tied together by rope. See you soon!