Monday, June 6, 2011

A New Season

Summer is just around the bend and I'm excited. This is a season to come alive - to remember the summers of one's childhood when days lasted a looongggg time and it was all about playing, exploring, and daring physical feats. I remember the summer I learned to walk across the small monkey bars and then the summer after that I walked across the really high ones. One summer my sister and I stayed with family friends for a week and we figured out how to shinny up the poles of their swing set and then walk across the top.  It was all so effortless. The idea of falling never entered our heads. I didn't know I was preparing for a career in aerial dance; I was just doing what came naturally (and was fun). So, now summer is coming and Fly-by-Night will be ascending and descending (effortlessly). Let's get together and expand our repertory of summer feats.

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