Monday, June 6, 2011

Thank You!

We had an amazing end to our after school program at Muscota New School this year. Our culminating evening brought out a great sense of community and helped the students to share their learning process with their families. Watching the students as they practiced their volcano dances one more time made me realize how invested kids get when they are given the power to express themselves and the world we live in.

Some thanks are in order. We are so grateful for:

The amazing parents who brought us their kids once a week to explore our favorite movement passions. Thanks to this same group who helped our internet fundraising campaing reach its goal.

PA president Margaret Peeler for helping to organize things on the school end. Margaret made it so easy for us to do our job well; all we had to do was show up and teach!

The Puffin Foundation for their support of the program this year.

Wilma Leon for her additional support in both planning and financing.

You think we had fun this year ... just wait until next year!. We will be back - hopefully with an additional class.

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