Thursday, November 10, 2011

Meet the Cast .....

Meet the cast of our upcoming performance Apollo & Dafne and learn what they have to say about aerial dance and working on the show.

Summer Tennyson Baldwin (Mythical Dafne) -

Aerial dance has always been and always will be a great physical challenge. However, as soon as I took my first class on the low flying trapeze, I knew this is what I wanted to be doing. I feel more connected and relaxed within my own body when I am flying rather than on the floor. One of the main reasons I chose to take class from Julie was that she did not teach circus tricks. She pushes you to dance while flying not just perform stunts for a cheering crowd. 

Kirstin Dahmer (Modern Dafne) -
Learning to work with the trapeze through FBN has quite literally added a whole new dimension to my experience as a dancer.  Delving into aerial dance been an incredibly empowering experience, it's such physically demanding and intensely focused work, yet I continually surprise myself in classes and rehearsals by finding I have more strength and am capable of so much more than I would have thought.  I've loved working on Apollo and Dafne and playing with the power dynamics between the sexes while coming from this place of strength.  Working on the physical embodiment of the frustration of those struggles we face as women has been difficult, but rewarding and I hope seeing it can be an empowering experience for all women.

 Ernesto Mancebo (Apollo) - 
Working on this project has been a challenging and rewarding experience. One of the greatest challenges I have faced is trying to fully immerse myself in the mythical persona of Apollo. It has turned out to be quite fun because it allows me to indulge in a certain amount of arrogance that I wouldn’t really allow myself otherwise. Also, this is my first foray into aerial dance. Though it has been a trying process at times, I feel that it has also opened my movement horizons in a very exciting way.

 Janet Aisawa (Cupid) -
Flying is a total addiction. It is so freeing and the strength that it has given me is unbelievable. (My goal when I began trapeze was to be able to do 1 pull-up before I died).  This strength which has become internal now is what we are exploring in Apollo and Dafne. Having the physical strength transformed into the mental strength to stand by one's beliefs and passions. It's been very gratifying to watch the company gain in strength and conviction through the making of this piece.

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