Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Scholarship Auditions and Classes

Every year we audition a group of dancers of color so that our classes (and the pool of talent for our company) can become more diverse. This year we had a terrific group of women who auditioned. (I wanted to take them all!) We offered five dancers the chance to join us for our mini-workshop on a scholarship basis and we gave the other dancers the chance to join us in class for the ridiculously small fee of $5/class.  It has been wonderful to see how these students have taken to the work in a way that is not only focused but also community oriented - everybody works to spot and encourage one another.

So how do we proceed from here? Once we open the door to the training what is our next obligation to this community? Are there also obligations for the students to follow through on? It isn't enough to just come together for a few classes; how do we continue to build on creating diversity in our lives?


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