Thursday, June 13, 2013

Natural setting empahsizes film subject

Rockland County Woods
This is the setting we chose for the film portion of Passages. In this calm oasis we found ourselves accompanied by cicadas that had emerged after 17 years underground.

The insects are beautiful and harmless though they can be very LOUD. (When we first got to the site I couldn't believe how loud they were but within minutes their sound blended in and I failed to notice it unless I sat quietly by myself.)

The presence of the cicadas right at the time of our filming was quite wonderful - a constant reminder that we are all just passing through this world.

Our film will ultimately be a portion of the live performance we do in November. Our dancing will, at times, fill the screen but it's always nice to be reminded of the small dance of nature that is going on too.
As the cicada dries out from the mud, it emerges from it's shell with wings

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