Friday, November 22, 2013

Passages: Questions To Consider

Passages allowed us to explore feelings and perceptions about death and dying. Everyone involved in the project dedicated themselves to this exploration; it's an important topic to reflect on.

During rehearsals we discussed stereotypical ideas of death (evil, darkness, pain) as well as more subtle ones (When is death a blessing? Are there times when death seems inviting?).

Young people who attend our show will benefit from a discussion about this dense topic.
To help grease the wheels for this we have come up with a list of questions.

It's helpful to start by reviewing the cast in the show:

Dying Elder
3 siblings: Older, Middle, Younger
2 Grandchildren: boy (film only) and girl (performance and film)
The Guide
3 Street Musicians

1. Review the cast of characters above. How are these characters related?

2. Who do you think "The Guide" is? What other names might you give this character?

3. What type of relationship do you think the "Dying Elder" and "The Guide" have? Imagine a scene in which these two characters have a conversation. What do they discuss?

4. How do you think the other characters would feel about "The Guide"? Do they all feel the same way about "The Guide" or do you think they have different views?

Remember there are no "wrong" or "right" answers to these questions. Many people will interpret our story in different ways. 

After the show:
Consider how you saw the story and compare it to another person's view of the story. 
What things do you see differently and what things do you see the same?

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