Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Passages Photos

Passages was our biggest artistic success and we want to share it with you!
Here are a few wonderful shots from our dress rehearsal.
All photos are by Fred Hatt.
Janet Aisawa is suspended (above) through the weight of Kirstin Dahmer and Julie Luwick while musicians Joe Tucker, Ken Pierson and Jim Seeley accompany them.

Special Guest Robert Davidson (above) is suspended as a film of himself floating plays behind him

Kirstin Dahmer partners with Michael Fulvio (above)

 Janet Aisawa, Julie Ludwick and Kirstin Dahmer create a web midair

Funeral procession with entire cast
Kirstin Dahmer, Rachel Duvall, Janet Aisawa, Julie Ludwick and Tamara Figuerora
(clockwise from left)
Janet Aisawa and Tamara Figuerora as mother and daughter
Rachel Duvall and Tamara Figuerora in a suspended duet
as Janet Aisawa observes from the background

Video excerpts available on our Vimeo Page

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