Monday, January 13, 2014

Great Group for 2014 Scholarship Class Audition

We had a wonderful group of dancers who showed up for our annual Scholarship Audition class.

Thank you to the volunteers who assisted with the workshop:
Kirstin Dahmer, Wendy Chu, Andrew Quinn and Jennifer Myers!

Here's a group shot of those who took the audition class:

Fly-by-Night's scholarship program allows dancers of color to experience our dancers' approach to aerial dance. A small group of students are accepted into our 3-class workshop and from that group a few are selected to continue to study with us through the spring. If the fit is right for both the student and the company, the student continues to study with us through the year.

Five students were chosen to take our 3-class workshop on scholarship and many were offered a discount to the workshop as well.

This is what the scholarship recipients had to say upon hearing the news:

"So great to hear from you! I am happy to accept this offer!
I will see you on Sunday at 4:15pm!"

"I would love to attend the workshop.  I enjoyed very much, and look forward to practicing a gain.
Thank you"

"I would love to come to the 3-class workshop.  I was completely overjoyed yesterday by the class and process of learning.  I cannot wait to return.  I actually practiced on different leveled bars in a workout part near my home.  Yes,  a little goes a long way ."

"I am so excited to participate in this workshop!!!!  I've have been wanting to get into some aerial dance training!  I can't wait to see you Sunday!!
Thank you for this opportunity!!"

"YES I graciously accept the scholarship and I look for to seeing you Sunday!"

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