Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Free Classes again at Muscota New School

Yesterday was "Thank a Dance Teacher Day" but today I really want to thank a few behind-the-scenes people who have helped me to be a dance teacher here in Inwood.

This fall I am so happy to be back at Muscota New School for the FREE afterschool program on Monday afternoons. The Muscotas PA has made it all possible with exceptional help from Laura McCluskey, PA co-president. Thank you Laura for all your administrative help!

Another big thanks needs to go out to one of the best neighbors Inwood could ask for - Margaret Peeler. It was Margaret who first contacted me about doing an after school program at Muscota and got the ball rolling with me.

I'm thinking of Margaret because one 5th grade student said to me, "I've had you for dance my whole life." (She has been in the program every year). What a wonderful legacy - the gift of a free dance class for a student in a public school.

So hats off to all those who help make the dance classes happen!

all photos below by from 2012 program

left: students creating shapes with space in them

Discussion of what students saw when watching one another.

A solo "goodbye dance".

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